DR. ROTH assists start-up and corporate clients as an external partner with all benefitsof an internal IP-Department, completely Oexible. Based on our legal, scientific and economic background we have experience in advising companies in establishing, develop­ing and economically utilizing their IP-port­folios.


DR. ROTH files and prosecutes German, Eu­ropean and International patent applications. We work with our extensive network of for­eign associates to proteer our clients’ intellec­tual property in jurisdictions all over the world.


DR. ROTH helps clients to build up a patent portfolio that also includes licensing-in pat­ents and abtairring defensive patents in areas in which the company wishes to keep com­petitors at bay. A structured patent portfolio provides our clients leverage in licensing deals and positions our clients for joint ventures or research collaborations.


DR. ROTH assists start-up and corporate cli­ems in preparation for a significant financial transaction (e.g. seed funding, merger, acqui­sition, !PO) to ensure that the intellectual property portfolio is ready to withstand the critical review that will be performed by the potential investor.

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